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5 Up-and-Coming Neighborhoods

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Located in the breathless PNW, surrounded by over 70 nearby lakes and several major ski resorts, it's no wonder why Spokane, Washington was voted one of the top US cities to move to in 2020. The ever-growing city and neighboring Spokane Valley have just over 330,000 people residing in the community. It's one of the best kept secrets, with many amenities that large cities have, but for a fraction of the price. In the past few years the city of Spokane approved a $64M reconstruction of the US Pavilion and historic Riverfront Park restoring its old charm and adding some new beauty. Whether you're moving to the city, or just want to switch up scenery, here are the top 5 up-and-coming neighborhoods to move to.

1. Manito / Cannon Hill

One of the most historic areas in Spokane, WA, the Manito / Cannon Hill is voted the nicest neighborhood to live in. The area offers stunning craftsman style homes and is located next to Manito Park, named one of the top 25 parks in the United States.

Median listing home price: $430K

Median sold home price: $475K

2. North Indian Trail

Located in northwest Spokane, just minutes from Riverside State Park and the Spokane River flowing through, north Indian Trail is the dream location for hiking, kayaking, and biking. It's a quaint area about 20 minutes from downtown Spokane offering great schools and local restaurants.

Median listing home price: $375K

Median sold home price: $397K

3. Five Mile Prairie

One of the newest developments in northwest Spokane, this area is located up on the bluff overlooking the beautiful city seeing past downtown all the way to the great south hill. Much of the land is still wild and unbuilt, so you feel like you're in the great outdoors. With schools and shopping nearby, it's the perfect area to raise a family.

Median listing home price: $392K

Median sold home price: $417K

4. Comstock

Comstock Neighborhood is a single family, upper income residential area on Spokane’s South Hill. It's a perfect choice for those looking for a more suburban experience within city limits. The neighborhood is nestled around Comstock Park with green hills, a large swimming pool, and a variety of play facilities.

Median listing home price: $330K

Median sold home price: $325K

5. Rockwood

Located on the south hill near the Manito area, this neighborhood offers an endless array of cafes, restaurants, and shops. Take a drive down Rockwood Blvd and you'll find some of the most historic mansions in all of Spokane. The area was designed to detail the views of the landscape. The roads are surrounded by PNW trees and other national landmarks.

Median listing home price: $518K

Median sold home price: $414K

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